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Starting a company is scary. Reducing your risk requires a structured approach. I can help you validate your idea quickly and cheaply. Ask me absolutely anything!


Even if you are not a tech business, the right technology can help you scale and save costs. I can help you build or implement software that works.


Discovered a new bottleneck to scale, having staff problems, or need a million eyeballs overnight? Let's throw some ideas around and see which stick.


Businesses need cash to grow, and often that means investors or partners. I can help make sure your funding raise is easy, and you don't get screwed by the big guys.

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I have started four online tech companies in my life (and have more than four grey hairs as a result). I like to think I have made all the mistakes one can make, each one a valuable learning. This is why I think I will be helpful to you:

i've been in your shoes

In my early years I had no entrepreneurs to ask all my silly questions to. I only had guts and Google. Let's get you started!

software developer

I have been writing code since I was 11. I eat, sleep and breathe meticulous logic. I know what can be built, and how best to do it.

serial entrepreneur

I have started 4 companies, and sold 3. I have played many roles from marketing, biz dev, strategy, software, design, funding etc.


There is always a way out of a crisis. Rules are only as strong as can be enforced. Let's find a 1000 ways to skin the cat.


I have programming, electronics, business, & design skills. I have a Masters degree in Science. My brain is wired to find solutions.


Entrepreneurship is terrifying and an absolute emotional roller-coaster. I have been there. Your feelings are welcome here.

Evan and Marc 43