I feel that I am the most useful in the below arenas, but please do reach out with whatever is on your mind. 

There are no questions too silly to ask at the beginning, just someone too shy to ask them.

All types of business are welcome, not just tech businesses.

business plans & guidance

There are many ways to waste your time and money when starting a business, but only a handful of ways to make your business succeed. Let me help to focus your thinking so that you know exactly what you are aiming for, what your unknowns are, and what success looks like.

building / applying technology

Technology is replacing human labour at an exponential pace. There are tools that can help your business scale faster, please your customers better, and take your headaches away. Let me help you plan your new app / software properly, so that you save on time and developer costs. 

creative problem-solving

Keeping your business alive means being able to evolve fast and respond to change cleverly. You may not know all of the options out there, or have somebody you can whiteboard your options with. Let's break down your problem together and think through all of your options.

partner & funding commercials

In order to scale your business, you will probably need either distribution from a commercial partner or funding from an investor. Legal agreements will result and you will want to make sure you are prepared. Let me help you get the best out of the deals ahead, and keep a strong standing. 




R300 per meeting (1 hr)

This applies to:

Young entrepreneurs (under 25) with

pre-revenue, pre-funding businesses



R800 per meeting (1 hr)

This applies to:

Older entrepreneurs (25+),
or businesses already earning revenue